Aidan O'Rourke 365: Volume One Double CD + Booklet Limited Edition

Aidan O'Rourke 365: Volume One Double CD + Booklet Limited Edition

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365: Volume 1 (released May 2018) from one of Scotland's finest musicians, fiddler and composer Aidan O'Rourke. The multiple BBC Folk Award winner and founding member of Lau, Kan and Blazin' Fiddles spent a year writing daily musical responses to Scottish author James Robertson's short story collection 365:Stories (Hamish Hamilton/Penguin Books). By the end of the year he had written 365 new tunes from which he selected 22 to record with Mercury Prize nominee Kit Downes (ECM Records) on harmonium and piano.

Packaged in a fold out gatefold sleeve with booklet.

Aidan O'Rourke - fiddle
Kit Downes - harmonium/piano
Produced by Aidan O'Rourke

Disc One

1 Nobody Could Be One Hundred Percent Sure About the Last Tiger (feat. Kit Downes) 2:40
2 Do People Still Do This? (feat. Kit Downes) 4:31
3 Every Morning She Steps Out the Back Door (feat. Kit Downes) 2:45
4 Her Feet Padding Back (feat. Kit Downes) 4:16
5 A Fox and a Hound Met Early One Morning on a Hillside (feat. Kit Downes) 4:33
6 He Looked at His Right Hand (feat. Kit Downes) 2:08
7 It Was the Savage Boys Watching from the Cliffs (feat. Kit Downes) 3:04
8 I Was an Experiment (feat. Kit Downes) 2:18
9 The Room Is in Darkness (feat. Kit Downes) 3:04
10 You Forget More Than You Retain, and That's the Truth (feat. Kit Downes) 2:22
11 Awake Isn't Good (feat. Kit Downes) 4:38

Disc Two

1 I Don't Know Beforehand How I Will Appear to Anyone (feat. Kit Downes) 4:33
2 Lying Awake in the Middle of the Night (feat. Kit Downes) 2:42
3 Sometimes He Felt He Could Live Permanently in a Hotel (feat. Kit Downes) 2:32
4 I Used Not to Be Able to Read on Buses (feat. Kit Downes) 3:26
5 The Phone Rang Just as She'd Got the Children to the Table (feat. Kit Downes) 3:24
6 They Were Passing the End of a Particular Street (feat. Kit Downes) 2:57
7 "Jack", His Mother Says One Day, "That Auld Dug Has Had It" (feat. Kit Downes) 2:54
8 There Was Once a Man so Old That Most of His Family, and All of His Friends, Had Left the World Long Before Him (feat. Kit Downes) 3:11
9 When I Was Still Some Distance from the Village (feat. Kit Downes) 2:16
10 At the Interval, as the Applause Dies Away and People Begin to Make for the Exits (feat. Kit Downes) 5:29
11 "Now", the Old Woman Said, "Before You Go Up There I Want to Introduce You to Someone" (feat. Kit Downes) 2:20

“The CD album itself is a work of art, with beautiful images and extracts from James Robertson’s book beside each of the twenty-two tracks making a satisfyingly thick set of sleeve notes that (of course) everybody should choose over a download. It’s this combination of attention to detail in every aspect, plus a great idea and considerable skill from a reliably exciting pair of musicians that results in 365 being an excellent piece of work from the ground up that gently bewitches the listener with subtlety and pathos and lasts in the mind well after the final note has rung out.“ Folk Radio UK

“It's as if Debussy and Ravel were orchestrating Scottish Folk - truly beautiful” Songlines Magazine