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Boo Hewerdine Born EP (Limited Edition 5 track CD)

by Boo Hewerdine




1. The Year That I Was Born
2. Hometown
3. Swimming In Mercury
4. Bobby Fischer
5. Farewell

Hewerdine says…
“I felt like I had to wait for the right time to tell some old stories, working on the Best of compilation My Name In Brackets and finding the Open recordings took me back a little, each song a placed me in a memory. I soon realised I had to go further and revisit the time when I was first making music. Taking the bus down to Rough Trade in London with my demo tape Julia, playing cheap guitars with broken strings.
For Born I have used instruments I’ve not used for years. The process has been more akin to when I was starting out in an indie band. I used my father’s old beat up piano and I wrote some songs with my son, Ben which was great. The lyrics came fast, I trusting my pen."

CD in card wallet Limited Edition 1,000 units