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Boo Hewerdine My Name In The Brackets (The Best of Boo Hewerdine & The Bible) CD Album

by Boo Hewerdine

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Much loved English songwriter Boo Hewerdine releases his first career retrospective. My Name In The Brackets features 18 of Boo’s greatest songs from his time leading The Bible in the mid-eighties and his subsequent solo career.

The compilation spans over 25 years worth of recordings and includes three brand new songs written specifically for My Name In The Brackets.

1. Graceland
2. Mahalia
3. Honey Be Good
4. Dreamlife
5. 59 Yds
6. Joke
7. Last Cigarette
8. The Birds Are Leaving
9. Mapping The Human Heart
10. The Girl Who Fell In Love With The Moon
11. Patience of Angels
12. Bell, Book & Candle
13. Muddy Water
14. Geography
15. Blaze of Glory
16. Amazing Robot
17. Snowglobe
18. Last Shot On The Roll

Simple, poetic reflections on life and love
The Guardian

Classic, melody-driven songs which would have been gobbled up by Tin Pan Alley in another era – a soothing antidote to the frantic madness of modern times
BBC Music

The really great news is the Boo Hewerdine journey isn’t over by any stretch. If quality of songs alone was the selection criteria it could easily have been a multi-disc boxed set!