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Dan Whitehouse EP4 Sings Boo (Limited Edition)

by Dan Whitehouse


Sings Boo EP Limited Edition of 200 copies (last stock)

1. Hunger
2. The Birds Are Leaving
3. Last Cigarette
4. Graceland
5. Close Up
6. Follow My Tears
7. Wild Wild Wind
8. It’s A Beautiful Night
9. Bars

All songs written by Boo Hewerdine (Chrysalis Music Publishing) except: Last Cigarette (Hewerdine / MacColl / Clark) Chrysalis Music Publishing; Close Up (Whitehouse / Hewerdine) Reveal / Chrysalis Music Publishing; Bars (Whitehouse / Hewerdine / Morgan) Reveal / Chrysalis Music Publishing / MCPS
Recorded live in the studio by Mark Freegard at Kyoti Glasgow