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Eamon O'Leary All Souls Vinyl LP + CD 180g Black Vinyl with bonus CD album

by Eamon O Leary

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Limited Edition of 500 copies Vinyl LP + CD 180g Black Vinyl with bonus CD album.
Eamon O'Leary is 'one of the deepest musicians and songwriters out there - a secret weapon, an underground hero' (Sam Amidon).

' His songs so perfectly capture the moments that are not usually noticed, the moments that make life precious and worth it. He sings with a gentle modest knowing that everything is like it is because it is that way. He doesn’t sound like Leonard Cohen but I feel the same when I listen. What he does is timeless and classic; some of the best music I’ve heard in a long time' (Joan As Police Woman).

Eamon O'Leary is a songwriter from New York's Lower East Side, originally from Dublin, Ireland. 'All Souls' his first album for Reveal Records was entirely self-written, and recorded with Jefferson Hamer (Anais Mitchell), and Benjamin Lazar Davis (Cuddle Magic, Joan As Police Woman, Okkervill River).

A beautiful, sparse album of darkness and light.

All Souls is ten songs that highlight O'Leary's musical talent and his knack for writing heartfelt, poetic lyrics. Like Leonard Cohen, Smog, Jackson C. Frank and Palace before him, this is music from deep within the mind and from the soul, personal stories wrapped in extremely delicate layers of sound. Eamon O'Leary has spent twenty years in New York developing his songcraft, appearing live and collaborating with esteemed artists such as Sam Amidon, Beth Orton, Bonnie Prince Billy, Anais Mitchell, Anna and Elizabeth, Martin Hayes (The Gloaming) Jefferson Hamer, Bridget Kearney (Lake Street Dive) and Benjamin Lazar Davis.

eamon o'leary - voice, guitar
benjamin lazar davis - voice, drums, baritone guitar, pump organ, glockenspiel
bridget kearney - voice, bass
emily miller - voice
thomas bryan eaton - pedal steel
jefferson hamer - electric guitar (4,8)

recorded and mixed by jefferson hamer
at humble abode studios, west hurley, ny
additional recording by benjamin lazar davis and thomas bryan eaton in brooklyn, ny.

Track listing

1.Harbinger 3.24
2.Bywater 3.06
3.Omaha 4.18
4.The Second Bottle 3.51
5.Marina Blue 4.59

6.Our Old Dominion 4.55
7.Monique 3.12
8.The Weary Child 5.59
9.The Painted Road 4.32
10.Trouble No More 2.46

CD has same ten songs