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Hafdis Huld Home CD Album

by Hafdis Huld

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CD ALBUM by Hafdis Huld formerly of Gus Gus.

Icelandic singer songwriter Hafdis Huld's vivid lyrical imagery has never combined better with her trademark catchy hooks than it does here on third album Home. Once again, Hafdis has co-written with array of top class names include Ed Harcourt, Nik Kershaw, Boo Hewerdine, Tim Gordine, Calum MacColl and long time partner and musical collaborator Alisdair Wright who also produced the album.

1. Sunrise
2. Queen Bee
3. Lucky
4. Home
5. Wolf
6. Treasures
7. Empty Eyes
8. Little Light
9. Pop Song
10. Never Needed You
11. I Miss The Rain


Bittersweet and decidedly swoony
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