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Joan As Police Woman Real Life CD Album

by Joan As Police Woman

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Joan As Police Woman Real Life CD Album
Digi Pack sleeve

Joan's Classic Debut Album

Features Antony and Joseph Arthur.

Contains the singles I Defy, The Ride, Flushed Chest, Real Life, and Christobel

1. Real Life
2. Eternal Flame
3. Feed The Light
4. The Ride
5. I Defy
6. Flushed Chest
7. Christobel
8. Save Me
9. Anyone
10. We Dont Own It

A truly original new voice

4/5 Q Magazine

5/5 Metro

There might not be a better debut all year
4/5 the Times

A voice so wonderous and moving that it makes everyone else’s seem ordinary and mundane
Record Of The Week The Guardian