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Joan As Police Woman To Survive CD Album

by Joan As Police Woman

£6.90 / On Sale

Joan As Police Woman To Survive CD Album

Stunning 2nd Album, Original LIMITED EDITION CD Format

Features Rufus Wainwright, David Sylvian and more. Includes a fold out Poster booklet, heavy weight card Package CD

Only available here, now deleted.

1. Honor Wishes
2. Holiday
3. To Be Loved
4. To Be Lonely
5. Magpies
6. Start Of My Heart
7. Hard White Wall
8. Furious
9. To Survive
10. To America

Masterful songwriter and arranger, raw emotion

Magnificently tender, would moisten a glass eye

4/5 Uncut

4/5 Q Magazine

4/5 The Sunday Times

4/5 The Independent

4/5 The Observer

4/5 The Metro

5/5 Mail on Sunday