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Jon Redfern What Else But Love? CD Album

by Jon Redfern

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Jon Redfern's second album features Becky Unthank. His final release before quitting the music scene, is an emotive and tender affair recorded at a time of great sadness and loss which is reflected in the writing.

1. Spark In The Sky
2. Part Of You
3. Future Lies
4. Play Of Fear
5. Troubadour
6. Forever Bound
8. Rowing Away
9. Don't Worry (Featuring Becky Unthank)

Deluxe three way fold out CD Digi Pack with 12 page colour poster booklet and high gloss U.V print finish

The most distinctive talent in his field today

Everything on this simple, hypnotic record feels so unforced and easy it’s tempting to believe that making music this fine is a bit of a doddle, it’s not
Word Magazine