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Lau Remixed CD Album

by Lau


Lau Remixed CD Album

‘Remixed’ is the third release in the EP series available on limited edition CD featuring eight exclusive new versions of Lau recordings.

An intriguing list of producers and musicians stepped forward
to re-interpret, re-work and of re-think Lau’s original music for Remixed including Haiku Salut, acclaimed electronic artist Matthew Herbert, deep house / soundscape producer Claro Intelecto, Glaswegian techno producer Sei A and Frightened Rabbit’s Gordon Skene (Fraction Man) and Andy Monaghan (Andreas Lust).

Remixed also features a new version of Imporsa by Silver Columns (aka Adem (Fridge) and Johnny Lynch of The Pictish Trail / Fence Collective) a track that featured in original form on the popular Lau vs Adem ‘Ghosts’ EP (2011).

1. Torsa (Haiku Salut)
2. The Bird That Winds The Spring (Fraction Man)
3. Saint Monday (Claro Intelecto Vocal Mix)
4. Throwing Pennies (Herbert)
5. Imporsa (Silver Columns)
6. The Bird That Winds The Spring (Andreas Lust)
7. Torsa (Sei A)
8. Saint Monday (Claro Intelecto Instrumental Mix)