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Boo Hewerdine Open CD Album

by Boo Hewerdine

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1. Name
2. Write
3. 1981#2
4. Geography
5. Rags
6. Microfilm
7. Muddy Water
8. Stone In My Shoe
9. Open
10. Earthquake Bird
11. Novelty
12. Sweetheart
13. North & South

Recorded By Rafe McKenna @ Britannia Row Studios
Except North & South Rob Jackson in his house

All songs Boo Hewerdine Chrysalis Music Ltd

Boo Hewerdine - Acoustic Guitar & Vocals al tracks. Electric Guitar & Keyboards 13
Rosalie Deighton - Vocals 2, 3, 4, 7
Neill MacColl - Electric Guitar 7,8 Mandolin 10

Recorded 2003, all previously unreleased versions

A captivating album. If you don't know Hewerdine, this will make you a fan. If you are a fan, then Open is a fine addition to his work
***** Telegraph

Many singer-songwriters can only dream of creating such simple beauty
**** Scottish Daily Express

Beautifully recorded, there is an elegance to these essential versions
Herald Scotland

Lyrics that are direct, uncompromising, and frequently beautiful. More gems from one of the best songwriters around
**** R2

If you do not know this man’s work as yet, remedy that sucker right now with this fine introduction to his class of its own work
**** Maverick

Yet another unassuming masterpiece that quietly slips alongside everything Boo has done with its indelible stamp of quality

Each and every one is replete with Boo's trademark simple poetry, gentle reflections on life and love that in another age would have been rightly acclaimed as pop classics