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State Of The Union - Snake Oil (CD Album)

by Boo Hewerdine and State of the Union / Boo Hewerdine


State Of The Union - Second album 'Snake Oil' CD Album

Boo Hewerdine and Brooks Williams State of the Union's second acclaimed album.

Featuring the single Blaze of Glory.

1. Blaze Of Glory
2. Haunted
3. Snake Oil
4. Daydreamin
5. Going Away
6. Man With The Hammer
7. Hellzapoppin'
8. Rags & Bones
9. Leaving In Her Eyes
10. Georgia
11. Beyond The Next Horizon

Housed in a Digi Pack

A slice of Americana at its finest

Deft, tasteful guitar chops
Rolling Stone

A beautiful album, full of classy playing and great songs
Acoustic Magazine