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State Of The Union - Debut CD Album

by Boo Hewerdine and State of the Union / Boo Hewerdine


State Of The Union - Debut State Of The Union CD Album

Boo Hewerdine & Brooks Williams’ Debut album

State of The Union is a masterclass in songwriting, showing off the talents of bluesy Americana stalwart Brooks Williams and cult British singer-songwriter Boo Hewerdine to full effect. Whether it’s authentic Americana, delicate ballads, reimagining modern pop or a new take on the classic standard ‘Peg And Awl’ the union of Williams and Hewerdine is in a wildly creative state, producing a must-have album

1. Darkness
2. 23 Skidoo
3. State Of The Union
4. Paper,Scissors & Stone
5. Rent
6. Peg & Awl
7. Distant Memory
8. Union,Jack
9. Cicadas
10. Sweet Honey In The Rock
11. Three Little Words

A beautiful album, full of classy playing and great songs
Acoustic Magazine