Various Artists - Home Is Where The Art Is - 15 Years of Reveal Records - 2CD

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Various Artists - Home Is Where The Art Is - 15 Years of Reveal Records - 2CD

Celebrating 15 Years of the Reveal Records label.
Double CD with Booklet, housed in a triple gatefold Card package.

Disc One

Valid Jagger (live) – Joan As Police Woman *
She Put On Her Headphones (radio edit) Lau *
Tricky Love Stuff – Gramercy Arms *
If You Want It – Benjamin Lazar Davis *
In Luck (radio edit) GRIP TIGHT *
Human – The Little Unsaid
Dreamland – Dan Whitehouse
I Defy – Joan As Police Woman feat. Antony
Silhouette – Boo Hewerdine
Hard Year – Kris Drever
I Love The Sun – Jon Redfern
Love Has Left The Room – A Camp
For About A Month – Aidan O’Rourke
Red Flowers – Mascott
Beautiful Disguise – Gramercy Arms feat. Lloyd Cole & Joan As Police Woman *
Whitechapel – Blue Rose Code
Vagabond – Eddi Reader
Marina Blue – Eamon O’Leary
More Than You Know – Kris Drever
Real Life – Joan As Police Woman

Disc Two

Take Me To Your Leader – Ian Carr & The Various Artists
Strike The Colours – Kris Drever
Blooming – Richard J. Birkin *
The State of The English – Dan Whitehouse
Atomise – The Little Unsaid
Tin Drum – Dead Air
The Bell That Never Rang (radio edit) *
My Favourite Dress – Eddi Reader
Hinba – Lau
Awake Isn’t Good – Aidan O’Rourke
The Poorest Company – Drever,McCusker,Woomble
Sister In Song – Eamon O’Leary *
Broke Me In Two – Joan As Police Woman & Benjamin Lazar Davis
Strange Sky – Martin Green feat. Adam Holmes & Becky Unthank
Latenite – Parker Kindred *
Sunset – Boo Hewerdine
Ghosts – Lau
To America – Joan As Police Woman feat. Rufus Wainwright

*Denotes previously unreleased or first time on CD

Sequenced by Tom Rose

Mastered by Mark Freegard

What they say…

“I met Tom Rose in 2005 via MySpace. He had seen me open for Rufus Wainwright in Birmingham and then returned the next night in Nottingham to make sure he liked my solo set as much as he thought he did. “I would like to sell your CD in my store, Reveal Records, in Derby”, he wrote. I was flattered, especially never having heard of Derby. I sent him the box he requested, assuming he would return the ones he hadn’t sold. Shortly afterwards, he wrote me requesting two more boxes. I was more than happy to send them; he was paying me for them up front.. but I did wonder if he was using them as salad plates.
I soon figure out that Tom is a tastemaker. He is playing my EP in his shop, prominently displaying it and urging folks to check out this new music he’d recently heard live. He tells me he wants to start a label and make my EP Reveal Record’s first release. I hadn’t even met this guy yet, but I liked his style. Fifteen years later we’re still working together. He released my first two full-length albums “Real Life” and “To Survive”. My career took off because of his tenacity, undying support and incredible work ethic. He was the only person I knew who worked as hard as me and is now my manager of several years and counting. Tom released my collaborative album with Benjamin Lazar Davis, “Let It Be You”, and began touring with me as well. After years on the road through countless Joan As Police Woman shows all over the world we retain our enthusiasm for the next tour, the next music we’ll pass onto each other, the next lake we’ll stop to swim in en route to the next gig. In Tom I found a fellow serial optimist. It’s an affliction but a very good one to share.I also found a friend who is as dedicated to music as I am, and that is something I never thought possible.
I’m still trying to get him to copyright “The Rose Knows™️”. Tom heard my music and decided he was going to do everything in his power to get it into as many ears as he could. I will never be able to thank him enough. Love you Tom. So much more music to make, listen to, share, dance to and play live! See you in an airport very soon” Joan Wasser / Joan As Police Woman

“Reveal is a mindset. It is a creative place where I feel free to experiment and take risks. After a lifetime of making music I feel as though I’m home. Ask anyone on Reveal and they will say the same.”
Boo Hewerdine

First there was a shop called Reveal Records. It was my favourite place. When I made my first CD-r, they sold it for me and wrote a glowing review on the front. 19 year old me was over the moon. A few years later, I was doing some graphic design work for the shop and Tom asked me to do some album layouts for his new label. It's a bit of a minute I'm making pin badges and the next I'm in New York eating peppered steak with Rufus Wainwright and Joan Wasser, before being driven round Brooklyn listening to early NYC rap. That's the thing I love about RR. Things just happen. Ideas and art are valued so much that even the wildest ideas become real. Seen through to the end with an infectious passion. And whatever happens along the way, it's all about the music from waking until sleep.
Richard J. Birkin

“Over 15 years Tom has nurtured a secret garden of music at Reveal Records. His creative vision is both bright and determined and has guided me through some of the most challenging times and interesting places with my music”
Dan Whitehouse

“It was Kris who found him first. He came back from tour – was it 2006? – raving about an abundantly enthusiastic chap he’d met in Derby. This chap was starting a label. He took us on, a brand new band called Lau, and he made a mini CD sampler out of our first demos. Tiny CDs! He gleefully tossed them into the crowd at Cambridge Folk Festival.
That’s what Tom does: he pours huge heart into the music he loves and he dispatches it into the world without reservation. He has released everything Lau has made. He got behind my various madcap and commercially questionable solo projects. His trust has encouraged me to experiment more. When I tentatively explained my 365 tune project, hoping he might agree to an album or two, he pushed for a 30-album complete set. The man is never fazed. The man takes risks. He has a rare instinctive response to music, and it tends to be spot on. He is a nurturer and a sonic adventurer. He understands the graft and dedication it takes to make explorative new sounds and he gives the same. I’m proud to be part of family Reveal.”
Aidan O’Rourke / Lau

“One thing we’ve learned about Reveal is that it’s all about the art - that’s what Tom’s personally invested in - and that he’s in it for the long haul. Reveal represents that panacea for musicians trying to carve out a life making records within a fairly cynical business; we can focus on making our best music, saying what we want to say with it, and he helps it find its way into the world in a way we couldn’t.”
Tim Heymerdinger (The Little Unsaid)

“After turning my back on all agents, managers, record companies etc. I came home to Scotland from London and it took some convincing for me to involve myself with anyone else. My friend Boo Hewerdine told me about Tom at Reveal Records. When I met him my defences were fully up. But his gentle appreciation and commitment to what he loved slowly convinced me to trust again and now I’ve been working with Tom these past years I feel I’ve found a wise and trusted ally. A musical sanctuary.”
Eddi Reader

“Record label” These were exciting words to us growing up “what label is it on?” this is a thing you want to know, part of the journey of discovering and discussing new musical finds. Record labels develop their own collective identity; some are very specific in genre, even spawn the names of types of music, some are very broad - but every label has a character. That character ultimately is defined through curatorship, it is a funnel, an act of selecting musical artists from the vast range in the world, and converging some of them to form a new whole, a record label. The character of Reveal is of inclusivity and quality, a wonderful family to be part of.”
Martin Green / Lau

“In 2006 I sent Reveal Records a CD and amazingly Tom emailed back to say he wanted to put it out. In classic Tom Rose style he proposed a flawless sequence for the record with his reply.
I told him I thought it was perfect and soon after I got to come to Europe and play with amazingly talented label mates like Kris Drever, Lau and Jon Redfern.
Tom has become a great friend over the years and is someone whose musical opinions I always value. His instincts around songs to focus on and arrangements are almost always totally right and at the very least lead me to rethink what I’m doing in a good way.
I’m very proud to be a Reveal artist and look forward to making more music with Tom.”
Dave Derby / Gramercy Arms

“I first came into contact with Tom back in 2006 on Myspace (back when social media was useful to musicians). It was just two years after I'd started Folk Radio UK and he introduced me to this fella Kris Drever - wow! What I recall most was his enthusiasm (Up the Drever!)…it was on another level – and infectious! It’s been a great journey and thanks to their passion, Reveal now have one of the most talented rosters out there.” Alex Gallacher (Folk Radio UK)

“My focus comes and goes, from one thing to the next, in and out, frenetic and languid, pious and profane, the only constant is my lack of consistency. Whenever I’m ready to pick up a thread and pull though, Tom’s there. Reveal are ready and they always help me find the other end.
The entirety of my musical enterprises under my own name/steam have been conducted in the shelter of the Reveal Umbrella and it’s so much a part of my creative life now that it feels familial.
Without Tom and all the others through the years I worry that I would have failed to finish anything at all. Somewhere out there in a parallel universe is a version of me still talking drunkenly through how to make Black Water with an increasingly disinterested group of potential collaborators.
Tom took me on when I was very green indeed, allowed to me to split my focus between my own thing and Lau and was really instrumental in the successes that both those strands have seen since. I’m grateful in the extreme for the patience and support that I’ve had from Reveal and comforted by the knowledge that our story continues. What a difference being able to choose where your interests lie makes, long live independence and long live Reveal! Kris Drever / Lau

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