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Ian Carr Who He? CD Album

by Ian Carr



1. I'll Call You
2. Who He?
3. Road Drill
4. Never Been to Oxford (or is that Cambridge)
5. Just Nu
6. The Beans War
7. Talking Frances
8. Take Me To Your Leader
9. Piggy I'm In Jail

CD Digi Pack

Quirky and harmonious, this is full of clever musicianship
The Telegraph

All of the hallmarks of something once discovered, never ignored, an earworm of the first order and a treasure of particular rarity

It's good to see Ian Carr giving the public a chance to find out exactly who he is

This release reinforces Ian’s reputation for subtle rather than showy expression of his virtuosity
and, indeed, possessing a certain comic charm
The Living Tradition

Who He? is a mad cap beast which wears a huge grin. Yet for all its tricks and crossing of genres- possibly inventing a few of its own – is an album that makes a firm statement that Ian Carr is someone we should be very aware of
Spiral Earth